What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram is becoming one of the most popular social media platforms in the market today. Millions of people come on the platform regularly to share their interests and connect with their friends. This also increases the business activity on the platform as brands and celebrities make posts advocating their products or services.

Naturally, a lot of people wish to have large audiences so that they can promote their activities to more people. Some use strategies to attract free Instagram followers to their accounts. Others choose to buy new followers which greatly increases their follower count. However, users should be aware of a few things before making a buying decision.

Engagement rates

Suppose you use the account for business purposes and are exploring ways to start selling products on Instagram. In that case, there is a chance you may have heard about engagement rates and how they are essential for every single account on the platform. Engagement is the interactions you receive on your content. Buying followers may not necessarily increase your engagement rates. It is because the new followers are not interested in your activities or are fake followers or bots. This means that buying followers would result in less engagement and new followings in the future.

Decrease your worth

Since there is a chance that the purchased followers are bots or inactive accounts, this would significantly reduce your credibility in the market. For instance, if brands and other businesses use your services to promote their activities to their audience, they would be less likely to use your services in the future as your posts do not reach their desired target market. It means your sponsored posts do not add value to the brands or businesses. Having fever but genuine followers is a much better strategy than buying fake ones.

Most followers might get removed

The Instagram servers regularly remove all of the fake or inactive accounts or bots from the platform. This means that there is a chance that a great percentage of the new followers may ultimately get removed from your account. The little benefit that they may have had to your activities will eventually be removed as a result.

You may get blocked

According to Instagram’s terms of service, bots are not allowed on the platform. If your account gets associated with a large number of bot accounts, there is a chance that Instagram might temporarily ban you from the platform. This would negatively impact your repute on the platform, as your account will be associated with illegal or unethical behaviours. Additionally, this will also impact your business activities if you use the account for business purposes.

All these reasons make it difficult to appreciate buying followers on the platform. Buy the followers only if the service providers are well known in the market and guarantee organic methods of engaging new people.

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