Ways to Make Your Instagram Stand Out

Standing out on Instagram is not hard work. Well, unless you want to make it hard work. You have to take the right steps and see what happens. What happens most of the time, when you are doing the right thing, is that you are reaching success. And when it comes, it will open up in floodgates. So, here are the strategies that you should implement on your Instagram account.

Change your perspective on influencers

When the words “social media influencers” come to our mind, we are tempted to look into only the big girls and big boys. But what about the future. The big boys and big girls who are not big yet. We are talking about “influencers” within your reach who have about 10,000- 3000 followers and are related to your niche. Are you reaching to those people?

This concept applies to people who are starting. There’s no need to go big if you don’t have small, consistent thoughts and actions. Build from what you have and approach what they call mini-influencers. Their rates are lower, and you are more likely to target a younger demographic group – the larger people on Instagram.

Create great videos

First, videos are fun and engaging if you have the right mix of ideas. For starters, please, don’t be boring. And by that, we mean, don’t do what everybody does. Figure out a way to use a different hook or a different vibe from what you’ve studied. I know that you’ve looked at what other people do and have seen their thing. Now, use that as fodder to create your thing.

Once you have it, own it. Rock it. Enjoy it. But don’t be so obsessed with it that you forget about the human side of it.

Show your business before and after 

This can be a challenge that you have been doing for a while. You can post this on Instagram stories. This can give an impression to your friends and followers that you are doing something significant. It can also favor you with the Instagram algorithm, as you will stay active and be consistent with your posts.

If you have a business, this is something that you should use to get new customers and retain the ones you have. Before and after show the trajectory of your product and service. When you do this, you will show your audience what you are capable of. The results will speak for you.

SimplyGram can assist you in this journey. Get in touch with the experts at the company.

Stick to a theme

The associations people create about your Instagram matter a lot because they will expect something from you. And it’s up to you to fill that need. That’s why you need to define your niche as fast a possible and stick to it.

If people do not know what they are going to expect, they are not going to follow you. That means, you are not consistent, and you won’t deliver value.

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